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Greenville Comfort Systems

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Greenville Comfort Systems is an HVAC Contractor in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Their professionals serve the residents of Greenville and surrounding areas. Greenville Comfort Systems is a one-stop shop. This is made apparent in their slogan which says "For All Your Heating and Cooling Needs!". They cover installation, maintenance, and repairs. The service of Greenville Comfort Systems is known to be fast and reliable. They even offer emergency service in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Greenville Comfort Systems offers a full line of Trane products. Among these, they offer gas or propane fired furnances, oil fired furnaces, air handlers, central air systems, heat pumps, indoor air quality systems, and thermostats. The experts of Greenville Comfort Systems can install each of these systems,  and they can repair and maintain them as well. Because of their experience with Trane products they can answer any questions about your Trane system.

History and About

Greenville Comfort Systems began in 1994. It has always been known as a family company. The current owner, Jerry Hauck, Jr. has worked with his father since the start of the company. Jerry Hauck, Jr. took over in 2008. He has continued the tradition of offering excellent service, reliability, and integrity. These are the same virtues the company had all the way back in 1994 when it started. Greenville Comfort Systems is proud to have served the residents of Greenville, Pennsylvania for over 20 years.



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