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Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC

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Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC has been in business for 50 years and has the experience needed to advise, recommend and install the best HVAC equipment in area homes and businesses. Its customers have come to recognize and appreciate the reliability of the company’s work and equipment. It carries and supports many major manufacturers, including those from Trane. With extra training behind them, the technicians carry the title of Trane Comfort Specialists. Besides their ability to repair existing equipment the technicians are also ready to prepare customized air comfort systems for its clients, to keep them comfortable all year round.

At Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC, technicians go to the private residents of clients to inspect, repair and replace all types of heating and cooling equipment. If a system is not working properly, the technician will diagnose and solve the problem. As with all HVAC equipment, at some point it will need to be upgraded. The techs are well skilled and knowledgeable to recommend the appropriate types of systems for each living situation. With new equipment, the owner will enjoy cost savings with systems that are more energy efficient than the older units. The teams also service all types of commercial HVAC equipment used in businesses and factories. Whether the heating and cooling units are old or new, clients can take advantage of maintenance programs. There are options for On-Demand maintenance or a Prepaid program to keep the equipment running at its best.



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