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Desert West Services, Inc.

Homeowners depend on their homes to keep their families safe and comfortable. The heating, air conditioning, and other systems all work hard to provide comfortable living conditions. Some families like to keep their homes pretty frigid during the summer, while others find a little warmth helpful for easing health issues. The seasons and the needs of a variety of households mean that every house-wide system must function well. At the same time, breakdowns do happen! The service technicians at Desert West Services Inc understand how a breakdown can be a serious issue. They have studied their craft, learned the ins and outs of the business, and can provide professional repair service of the highest integrity as a Trane Comfort Specialist. They can also educate homeowners on how regular maintenance can reduce their house calls and help the homeowner stay comfortable.

Desert West Services Inc is bonded and insured to offer services within the Las Vegas area, including Henderson. Their services cover heating, cooling, refrigeration, and more. This includes inner air quality, or IAQ, which is a growing issue that many people are not even aware of. From repairs to installation, they can provide the maintenance or repair and high-quality materials that assure each homeowner of the comfort and safety they need from their home systems. Using well-recognized and respected brands like Trane, Desert West Services Inc backs up reliable materials with honest labor. They are available to answer questions and perform a standard inspection of home systems today.



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