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Channell Heating & Cooling is a HVAC dealer in Hazlehurst, Mississippi that has been serving the south central Mississippi region since 1980, including Brandon, Hazlehurst, Madison, and surrounding areas. The Channell team offers a wide array of air conditioning and heating services, along with 24-hour emergency service at no extra charge and the fixed right or it is free guarantee. From cooling to heating to indoor air quality, the Channell Heating & Cooling team has the answers you crave and treats their customers to the utmost attention to detail and efficiency all around.

The service offerings of Channell Heating & Cooling are wide and varied in nature. Some of the services which Channell Heating & Cooling offers include air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation, furnace and heat pump repair, air duct cleaning, IAQ testing, and so much more. In addition, Channell Heating & Cooling is a Trane Comfort Specialist, which means that they know exactly what it takes to install, repair, and maintain Trane brand equipment. The team at Channell also offers a wide array of guarantees, in addition to the fixed right or it is free guarantee, such as the comfort guarantee, utility savings guarantee, $500 no-frustration guarantee, and the $500 installation guarantee.



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