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Troy, Missouri is a city of about 10,000 people located northwest of St. Louis.  Those that live in the city are used to dealing with hot and humid summer months and periods of cold weather in the winter.  For those that are in the area, hiring Brush’s Heating & Cooling is a great decision.  This company can provide a variety of different services for the installation and maintenance of air conditioners and heating systems.  

One of the main advantages of hiring Brush’s Heating & Cooling is that the company excels at helping people maintain their HVAC systems.  While a heating and cooling system can last for a long time, they do require some maintenance to continue to operate well.  Brush’s Heating & Cooling will be able to provide you with all of the inspections and service needs that you have with your HVAC system.  The company can also provide you with emergency repair services in the event something unexpectedly goes wrong.  

Beyond providing you with maintenance services, Brush’s Heating & Cooling can also help provide you with installation services.  Picking a new HVAC system for your home is a big choice and Brush’s can help to make it easier for you.  The company will be able to come to your home and complete a full evaluation.  They will also be able to sell you the highest quality HVAC units in the market today, including those that are made by Trane.  



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