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Boardwell Mechanical Services, Inc.

Boardwell Mechanical Services, Inc is community operated by three generations of trained technicians and professionals. They provide heating, cooling, and the refrigerator needs for their customers.  Whether a small commercial business or a homeowner, Boardwell Mechanic Services is available for installation, maintenance, and to answer questions that pop up during a typical day at work or home. The 24/7 service is available to new customers and current customers, alike.  Serving Montague, MI for over a decade, Boardwell has built a relationship with their community as an active part of Montague's Chamber of Commerce. Boardwell is a growing force in the area of heating, cooling, and refrigeration in Montague and the surrounding Michigan areas.

Trane heating, air conditioning, and air filtration products are provided independently through Boardwell Mechanica Services, Inc. Their high standards for customer service have also allowed them to be certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist. Providing heating systems when it is chilly, or air units when it is smothering hot, are just two of the services that Broadwell delivers. They also are available for commercial services,  for instance, installing large restaurant refrigeration. Industry sized jobs are not even too massive for Boardwell Mechanical services to handle. No job is too large or too small. Commercial makeup, air duct sock installations, and residential AC unit maintenance are projects the trained technicians ofBoardwell Mechanical Services will tackle with enthusiasm, while treating each customer like family.



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