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Berkeley Htg & Air Conditioning is a company that was established in 1955 by Andrew Kopon Sr. and Robert Duddy. The company is based in Gillette, New Jersey and it mainly focuses on heating and air conditioning services. Notably, the company has a very high reputation in the Greater Berkeley heights region which includes Chatham, New Providence, Summit, and also across Morris and Union Counties. Its huge success comes from the sale and installation of quality indoor air quality systems, air conditioning systems, and heating systems.

Considering that this company has been in business since 1955, it is easy to get opinions regarding the quality of their services from the numerous clients it has served over the years. Also, the company gladly gives contact references to its potential customers from where they can learn more about the expected service delivery and the efficiency with which it is relayed. In so doing, the customers are adequately informed before settling for a particular HVAC system. As such, there are no incidences of future regrets due to a shortchanged deal.

With a large workforce of experienced and skilled service providers, Berkeley Htg & Air Conditioning Company ensures that HVAC systems are properly serviced and promptly. Also, with their new HVAC systems, it is easy to realize a 30% energy efficiency savings in homes and offices which saves money and helps in environmental conservation. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, the service provider ensures that its systems are installed using the right standards to avoid accidents and technical failures thus making homes and offices safer and comfortable. In a nutshell, Berkeley Htg & Air Conditioning is a very reliable HVAC installation and servicing company which has the customer’s interests at heart.



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