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Beech Island Appliance Service

Having opened its doors in 1959, the Beech Island Appliance Service is a leading HVAC and cooling company in Beech Island. The company was started and still run within the family, helping to maintain the strong culture and the friendly service its customers have come to expect. This has enabled it to grow and expand in the number of customers served each year as well as the returning customers.

Beech Island Appliance Company is an authorized installer of Trane heating and cooling systems. Trane is a leading brand known for its high performance, resilience, and durability. This company can install and repair the brand products with the full warranty from the manufacturer. 

Some of the heating and air conditioning services offered by the company include the following:

•          Design, installation and support services for heating and cooling systems

•          Repair and maintenance of the heating and cooling units

•          Replacement of the inefficient or dead heating and cooling systems

•          Advice on ways to conserve energy as well as analysis of the energy consumption patterns at home

•         Analysis of the indoor air quality and installation of air  quality equipment

Apart from the air conditioning systems, this company offers repairs for other home appliances, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and many electronic products. Customers do not have to take their large appliances to the repair shop. Technicians can diagnose the systems at home. 



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