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B&B Services

Family owned and operated since 1975, B&B Services provides heating and air conditioner repair, service, and installation of residential and commercial property in Dallas. By delivering unparalleled customer service, they have grown to be one of the biggest and most reputable heating and air services in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas of Texas. There well-trained staff and certified technicians specialize in the repair, service, and sales of residential and commercial air conditioners. They offer preventative maintenance, repairs, installation of new Trane systems.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, B&B Services offers exceptional service to their clientele. Their knowledgeable, trained technicians can service and repair existing heat and air systems, sell and install new Trane systems, and have preventative maintenance, service contracts. It is hard to stop a Trane, but even they can fall into disrepair if they are not serviced. Heat and air conditioning systems should be inspected annually, and professionals suggest servicing a system in spring and fall for optimal performance. At times that the best technician cannot repair a system due to its age or condition. When this happens, replacement of the old system is necessary, and a Trane system will assure years of carefree service.

The professional technicians at B&B Services offer repair, service, and installation of heating and air systems across the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. They can service and repair any make or model of a system, or they can install a new Trane heating and air unit for residential or commercial use.



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