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American Cool Air Corp services the East Rockaway, New York region.  They service residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems for homeowners and businesses.  Their trained technicians provide excellent service at reasonable rates. They replace air conditioning systems, furnaces, appliances, and water heaters when needed. The company repairs and fixes many manufacturers including Trane.  American Cool Air Corp has been in business for over 36 years.

The company is known for fixing and repairing heating and cooling equipment in emergencies. They have been servicing customers since 1982. It has a large staff of about 18 employees to fix or replace air conditioning or heating system.  Air duct repair and installation is another service they provide. Installing proper air ducts in homes, condos, apartments, and offices keep them free of bacteria, germs, and allergens. It keeps the temperature in rooms and airflow consistent.Another service they offer is fixing appliances and replacing them. When a consumer's dishwasher, stove or refrigerator needs to repair its hard to find companies to do the job. Their trained technicians come out quickly and fix the problem. When needed they help replace small and large appliances too.

They provide maintenance and cleaning services yearly to keep your air conditioning and heating system running well. When customers call they resolve the issue quickly. The technicians are licensed and trained. Installing humidifiers is another service they offer at American Cool Air Corp.



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