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The Amazing heating & air conditioning is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It started in 1993 and it is specialized in offering residential & commercial services such as installation and maintenance of systems in various homes, as well as using Trane Comfort systems.

Services offered

The company offers services in the following areas;


The firm provides services in installation and repair of custom ductwork and thermostats, radiant, boilers & geothermal, air and water sourced heat pumps, gas, oil, electric & zone heaters, electric furnaces & boilers, electric heaters, zone damper heaters and broken or frozen heaters systems

Duct cleaning

The company renders services in the provision of air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The main purpose of these products is to get rid of dust particles, mites, rodent wastes and pet hair trapped in the system and improve the quality of air.

Air conditioning

Amazing heating & air conditioning offers services in installation and repair of thermostats, air conditioning ducts, gas & oil furnace, frozen air conditioning coils, noisy air conditioners. It also gives expert troubleshooting in air conditioners and furnaces.

Home automation

The company provides a home management thermostat that is used to regulate home temperatures easily. The skilled personnel from Amazing Heating & Air Conditioning firm are available to install HVAC systems any where. The major purpose of the system is to enable less effort to be used when managing gas and electric furnaces, electric cooling and electric heat pumps.

The company strives to give its customers quality services. It also ensures that it treats all customers with respect.

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