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Locally owned and operated, Allen Kelly & Company Inc.has been providing HVAC services to homeowners and commercial business owners in the Triangle area of North Carolina for over 30 years. They dispatch bonded, trained, and licensed technicians, mechanics, and installers from their 29,000 square foot facility home base in Raleigh to service and repair all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, including the Trane brand, in homes and places of business in Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Greensboro, Carey, and other towns in their service area. They also do repairs, retrofits, and replacements for commercial buildings including U.S. Postal Service buildings throughout North and South Carolina.

In addition to furnace service and repair, heating unit replacement, air conditioning service, installation and repair, they install ground source geothermal heat pumps. Better known as geothermal systems, this is an energy-efficient cost-saving way to cool and heat homes. Geothermal heating uses the steady flow of the earth's heat, extracting its warm energy and distributing it, first though looped pipes four feet underground and then through the homes heating ducts and to heat the house.Come summer, the process reverses. Heat is extracted from the house and either returned to the earth, or used to supply the home with hot water. 

Allen Kelly & Company also offers customized preventive maintenance programs geared to the budget and lifestyle of the homeowner. They start by conducting an extensive on-site survey of all the HVAC equipment so they can provide the homeowner with a detailed real time assessment complete with photographs. In addition to lower energy costs, longer equipment life, fewer costly repairs, and optimized comfort levels, customers who participate in an Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. service plan get to enjoy a 15% discounts on repairs.



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