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Air Plus HVAC, Inc.

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Air Plus HVAC, Inc. is known for high-quality air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. The company is located in Glendale, California, and serves the broader Los Angeles areas, including Studio City, Burbank, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, West LA, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Ventura County, and Northridge areas. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial AC installation, repair, or maintenance services, Air Plus HVAC has fully trained technicians to offer fast and reliable services.

Air conditioning systems work by circulating air within a room, home, or commercial space while at the same time purifying the air, cooling it, or heating it as the weather conditions demand. A central air conditioning system makes your home or office more comfortable to the occupants. Air Plus HVAC specializes in the following services, among others:

Engineered Duct System Installation and Maintenance

Air Plus HVAC makes the process of engineered duct systems installation simple and timely. Their knowledgeable technicians prepare the best engineered duct systems to suit your specific needs. This will significantly improve the air quality in each room while at the same time shrinking your monthly utility bills.

Freon and Refrigerant Efficiency Tuning

A routine tune-up for your Freon and Refrigerant system is a very critical maintenance practice. Such tune-ups will ensure that your appliances are functioning at the right capacity to keep your home or office comfortable in every season of the year. Efficiency tune-ups will ensure that your AC system is working at maximum efficiency hence saving on utility bills.

Thermostat or Controller Installation

Thermostats and controls provide the link between the user and the heating/cooling system. With the growing technology, many AC systems no longer come with manual turning knobs but more user-friendly wireless controls. Some thermostats come with touch screens while some can be linked and controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Some advanced models even come with weather information, instant reminders, and much more.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Air Plus HVAC technicians are highly skilled to deliver these services and much more, with a huge focus on the Trane brand. They also offer air quality testing and improvement, AC zoning, and radiant heating solutions. Contact them today for more information on HVAC systems.



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