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1 Source Technical Services, INC is a certified private air conditioning and electrical contractor that was established in 1998 to serve its clients in Brownwood, and the Central Texas area.

Services Offered By 1 Source Technical Services, INC

The company boasts of experienced, professional, and friendly technicians who can install, repair, and maintain institutional, industrial, residential, and domestic HVAC systems, more so the famous Trane Brand. The typical services offered by this company include:

  • Air Conditioning

1 Source's team can install, and manage common and complex air conditioning problems like improper operation, leaky ducts, low airflow, refrigerant charging problems, sensor problems, and drainage problems.

  • Furnace or Heating systems

 1 Source Technical Services, INC works can install or fix dirty or clogged filters, normal mechanical wear and tear, pilot or ignition control problems, thermostats malfunctions, and any other issue that can reduce your heating system's efficiency.

In addition to repair and installation, 1 Source’s technicians can conduct a diagnostic examination on your heating system to identify hazards like carbon monoxide leakage, as well as mechanical and electrical defects.

  • Electrical

1 Source Technical Services INC works with a team of licensed master electricians who can handle small and large electrical projects like fixing flickering lights, broken fuses, correcting bad electrical wiring, power sags and dips, faulty switches, and any other issue. The company can also install and carry out regular maintenance services.



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