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Ductless systems

Ductless systems connect an outdoor unit with an indoor unit to heat or cool one specific zone of a home without the use of ductwork.

Trane ductless mini split unit

Explore the components of a ductless system

Ductless system are easy to install and they are extremely efficient and customizable to your home. An outdoor inverter driven condensing unit is placed outside your house on a HVAC pad or stand connected to one or more indoor units by communication wires, cables, and refrigerant lines. We have multiple types of indoor units that include Wall mounted, Ceiling Cassettes, Floor-Mounted, Ducted Air Handlers, and Horizontal Ducted. Indoor units can be controlled with a wall controller, a remote controller, or from your phone using our mobile app.

Mini-split vs. multi-split ductless systems

The mini-split ductless system controls one room or zone by connecting one outdoor unit to one indoor unit. A multi-split ductless system can connect one outdoor unit to up to five indoor units, depending on the indoor and outdoor model, letting you control the heating and cooling in several zones or rooms independently of each other.

Where are ductless systems needed

There are multiple applications for Ductless systems for Mini-Splits are great supplemental heating or cooling for spaces that have hot or cold spots and can compliment a ducted system. The are also great for room specific applications, spaces like garages, bonus rooms, home offices, sunrooms, and even tiny homes. Multi-split ductless systems are extremely versatile and energy efficient and give you the ability to individualize each rooms temperature. Applications are whole home solutions, multi family, and again can be complimentary to a ducted systems.

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