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HVAC 101

From heat pumps to humidifiers and everything in between, HVAC 101 pages allow you to learn more about each HVAC product and system available, so you can find a heating and cooling system that fits your needs.

Air conditioner and furnace matched system - HVAC 101

Air Conditioner + Furnace Matched Systems

In this matched system, an air conditioner cools your home in the summer while a furnace heats it in the winter, making it great for a variety of climates in the United States.

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Heat pump and air handler matched systems - HVAC 101

Heat Pump + Air Handler Matched Systems

In this matched system, a heat pump uses electricity to provide both hot and cool air, alternating based on your temperature needs, while an air handler ensures that air is circulated throughout your home.

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Hybrid systems - HVAC 101

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems combine a heat pump and a gas furnace into one energy-efficient temperature solution that can be used in many different climates.

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Air conditioner and air handler matched system - HVAC 101

Air Conditioner + Air Handler Matched Systems

This matched system works best in warmer regions, like the South, as it uses an air conditioner to provide cool air for your home and an air handler to circulate it throughout.

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Central heating and cooling - HVAC 101

Central Heating and Cooling

Central heating and cooling utilizes ductwork to distribute warmed and cooled air throughout your home, creating an indoor oasis.

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Sizing systems - HVAC 101

Sizing Systems

An HVAC professional can help you determine the right size system for your home based on factors like square footage, yearly climate, and more.

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Air conditioners - HVAC 101

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners remove heat and humidity from the air inside your home and place it outside, to help you combat those hot summer days.

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Heat pump - HVAC 101

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a more eco-friendly way to both heat and cool homes that stand in milder climates and don’t experience extreme temperatures.

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Ductless systems - HVAC 101

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems connect an outdoor unit to at least one indoor unit, in order to control the temperature in one room or space without the presence of ductwork.

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Energy savings - HVAC 101


HVAC systems that are ENERGY STAR® certified meet the strict energy efficiency ratings set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Air quality - HVAC 101

Indoor Air Quality

Although you might not be able to see them, things like duct, dander, pollen, and more could all be compromising your indoor air quality.

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Indoor air quality - HVAC 101

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Learn how to improve your home’s indoor air quality with a variety of Trane product solutions.

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Filter - HVAC 101


HVAC filters help remove potentially harmful particles from the air in your home, so you can breathe easier inside.

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Humidifiers - HVAC 101


A humidifier helps your home reach optimal indoor humidity levels by adding just the right amount of moisture to the air.

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