Tracer Adaptiview, Tracer CH530

Chiller Controllers

Chiller Controllers

Tracer Adaptiview, Tracer CH530

Chiller Controllers

Chillers are one facet of a larger system. We are the comprehensive experience and product lines to deliver intelligent automation and chiller controls in the equipment room, and far beyond. The end result is an optimized, integrated system, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing occupant comfort.


Tracer Adaptiview

Tracer AdaptiView™ chiller control lets building operating staff take command of the chiller plant in a way never before possible. This advanced level of control translates into enhanced building performance that can increase energy efficiency.

Tracer Adaptiview Features

The demands for occupant comfort, energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and regulatory compliance are high today and will continue to increase, placing additional pressure on building professionals well into the future. Trane AdaptiView chiller control lets building operating staff take command of the chiller plant in a way never before possible.

Optimal chiller operation delivers more hours at peak efficiency, particularly in variable-primary flow applications.

Trane's industry-leading, time-tested Adaptive Control works with the unique capabilities of the CenTraVacTM chiller to keep your building operational even during the most challenging conditions when other chillers would shut down.

Unit level open protocol flexibility including BACnetTM, Modbus RTU, or LonTalkTM with no gateways.

Ergonomic arm enables viewing from virtually any height or angle, regardless of close quarters where chiller is installed.

24 languages can be selected instantly right on the panel.

Tracer CH530

Trane’s Tracer™ CH530 is a chiller-controller technology developed by Trane for use on large chiller products and serviced with a laptop-based tool called “TechView.”

Important: Trane recommends that any Tracer CH530 service functions should be performed only by a properly trained Trane service technician. Please contact your local Trane service provider for assistance with any Tracer CH530 service requirements.

The Tracer™ CH530 controller is embedded in Trane Chillers. Documentation for operation and configuration of the chiller using the Tracer CH530 is contained in the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manual for the specific chiller.

Tracer™ CH530 TechView Software Download

TechView is a PC based software tool required for CH530 chiller start-up, commissioning, service, and maintenance tasks. TechView provides the following functions; main processor software download, configuration settings,LLID binding, status and setpoints, diagnostics (active and historic), and mode overrides.


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