Tracer Synchrony


Tracer Synchrony

The Tracer Synchrony user interface is so easy to navigate and use, it keeps the full potential of Tracer SC+ accessible forever—by eliminating the need for repeated operator training. Even experienced operators will find they can do more: Tasks that used to be complex have been simplified into a few intuitive clicks.

The built-in user interface for Tracer SC+ provides full system access for facilities managers and service technicians. Tracer® SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems to simplify command and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency.  Tracer® SC+ ships with Tracer® Synchrony - a modern, intuitive User Interface (UI). 


Accessible from most PCs, tablets, and smartphones, Tracer® Synchrony eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor so you can manage system performance whenever and wherever it is convenient. The intuitive interface provides improved efficiencies, increased tenant comfort, and reduced energy costs, which result in operational cost-savings and a better bottom line. 

  • Provides system access for facilities managers and service technicians
  • Puts building automation at your fingertips via an intuitive mobile-friendly user interface
  • Simplifies advanced functionality, making the system more practical and accessible
  • Easy and intuitive, eliminating the need for repeated operator training


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