P Series Outdoor Units


P Series Outdoor Units

Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric P Series ductless units deliver superior comfort and reliability for a wide range of light commercial applications - from fitness centers to retail shops. Flexible, durable, and easy to maintain, P Series units will quietly operate while delivering maximum performance and energy savings.

Explore P Series Outdoor Unit Features

Available in Single Zone Cooling Only and Single Zone Heat Pump, P Series offers light commercial ductless systems for operation in extreme cold, for year-round comfort in any climate, featuring:

Electric Linear Expansion Valves Provide precise control to continuously adapt the refrigerant flow, ensuring exact capacity delivery.
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Circuitry Adjusts the form of the current output wave to emulate the form of the supply voltage wave.
Two-In-One Twinning Two indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit, creating a single zone, to cool a large space such as a long room or hallway.


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