Wave FL Air Handler


Wave FL Air Handler

The Wave FL air handler was developed to cater for the commercial and industrial market. All WAVE FL  models were designed to offer simplicity in installation and maintenance.

Product Overview

The Wave FL is the result of a project designed to meet specific needs in a customized manner. The modular design and the large number of available options cater for a wide range of applications, without compromising implementation deadlines.

TRANE presents the WAVE FL line of air handlers, developed to meet the requirements for air quality, durability, safety and comfort of the most demanding markets. All this combined with the simplicity of installation and maintenance.

General Features

  • Modular units: preselected by the customer in factory, either vertically or horizontally mounted. Allow various download options. Units are supported by galvanized steel rails with a "U" profile, to facilitate its mounting.
  • It has 14 models: with flow rates from 1200 m3 / h to 40,000 m3 / hs with capacities from 2 to more than 60 TR, depending on the desired configuration.
  • Double wall: the panels are made of galvanized sheet steel internally insulated with 25mm expanded polyurethane of thickness.
  • TRANE Wavy-3B heat exchangers: high efficiency. For achieve an optimal selection of the serpentine required by your project, there are several options of copper tube diameter and number of fins.
  • Filtering options: filtration single or double, permanent filters or disposable.
  • FC type fans: forward curved blades, sized to overcome pressures total static up to 60 mmwc.
  • Protection against corrosion Factory Applied: Recommended that air conditioning equipment do not install in environments with corrosive atmosphere, such as gases acidic, alkaline and breezy environments Marine.

IAQ Features

  • Multiple filtering options, simple or double, with permanent or disposable filters.
  • Siroco type fans with blades forward curved, sized to overcome total static pressures up to 60 mmwc.
  • The selection of the equipment is carried out through a program developed by TRANE specialists, a benchmark for market.
  • Galvanized steel cabinet is painted using a modern process of phosphatized and powder coated with resin polyester based which provides high resistance to weathering
  • The condensate tray is built according to the standards of Ashrae for indoor air quality.
  • The serpentine can be 3/8 ”or 1/2”, with Wavy High Efficiency fins.
  • Class G1, G4 or F5 filters.
  • Side panels with exclusive handles that facilitate the maintenance of modules. weathering


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