Wave Doble Air Handler

Wave Doble Air Handler

Wave Doble Air Handler

The Wave Doble air handler was developed to cater for the commercial and industrial market. All WAVE Doble models were designed to offer simplicity in installation and maintenance.

Product Overview

The Wave Doble is the result of a project designed to meet specific needs in a customized manner. The modular design and the large number of available options cater for a wide range of applications, without compromising implementation deadlines. WAVE Doble is, without doubt, the best option. Its many advantages give it a leading position in the market segment:

  • Performance
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Temperature Control
  • Automation
  • Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Integrated Comfort
  • Indoor Air Quality

TRANE presents the WAVE Doble line of air handlers, developed to meet the requirements for air quality, durability, safety and comfort of the most demanding markets. All this combined with the simplicity of installation and maintenance.

General Features

  • Fast Cycle, is an option with configuration standard offering quick production time. 
  • Modular units, factory-set by the customer for vertical or horizontal assembly with several discharge options. Units stand on galvanized steel rails, “U” profile, to facilitate lifting and be used as support. 
  • There are 14 models, with volumes ranging from 1,200 m3/h to 40,000 m3/h, and from 02 to 40 tons capacities, depending on desired settings.
  •  Doble-walled. The sheet steel panels are internally isolated with 25mm thick expanded polyurethane. 
  • Down Flow discharge option. The WAVE Doble has several discharge options. Down Flow discharge is one of them, which allows more operation versatility. 
  • Highly efficient TRANE Wavy-3B coils. For a better coil choice, the cooling coil copper tube may be chosen with several diameters according to the project-specific requirements. 
  • Aluminium structure. Polished laminated aluminum structure with inner thermal insulation coating to prevent the effects of thermal bridge. 
  • Different filtering options. Simple or doble filtering with permanent or disposable filters. 
  • Fans, forward-curved type. With forward-curved blades, dimensioned to exceed total static pressures of up to 60 mmca. 
  • Fans, backward-curved type (optional). With backward-curved blades, dimensioned to exceed total static pressures of up to 160 mmca. 
  • Modules exposed to atmospheric agents (optional) Modules suitable for outdoor use, with no need for engine room installation (Only upon request). 
  • Precautions against product corrosion It is recommended that air conditioning equipment shall not be installed in environments with a corrosive atmosphere such as acid or alkali gases and environments with a sea breeze. In need of installing air conditioning equipment in these areas, Trane of Brazil recommends the application of extra protection against corrosion, such as Phenolic protection or the application of ADSIL®. 
  • The technology used is an option for a innovative solution, and now also available as optional on the Wave Doble and BCLC air handlers. The controller leaves the factory with the basic configuration, but may be customized and extended by the Trane BAS team, allowing clients to select the items that best meet their needs.
  • Microprocessor control options including the ZN520, AH540 and MP580 controllers, allowing the integration of the WAVE Doble to the sophisticated TRANE building management system, Tracer Summit and Lon-Talk communication.
  • Various filtering options, single or double, with permanent or disposable filters. · Sirocco fans with forward curved blades, sized to operate at total static pressures of up to 60 mmWC. 
  • Optional Limit Load fans with backward curved blades, sized to operate at total static pressures of up to 160 mmWC.
  • Trane provides optional weather-tight modules for equipment operating outdoors, eliminating the need for a machine room.
  • The selection is made through a program developed by TRANE specialists, an industry benchmark.
  • The galvanized steel cabinet is painted using a modern phosphating process and subsequent polyester based resin powder coating, providing high weather resistance.
  • The drain pan follows the ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality.
  • 3/8" and 1/2", Wavy-3B high efficiency coil.
  • G1, G4, F5 and F8 filters.
  • Side panels with unique handles facilitating maintenance of the modules.
  • Latch locks. 
  • BACnet open communication protocol.

IAQ Features

  • High efficiency motors with IPW protection available.
  • Electric heating coil options.
  • Gaskets for internal protection of the modules (anti-condensate).
  • Fans with NTN bearings, elastic sleeve and epoxy paint.
  • Condensate pan available in stainless steel.
  • Humidity, static pressure and CO2, antifreeze and temperature sensors available.
  • Frequency inverter.
  • Chilled water valve.
  • Protection against Yellow Fin corrosion in the coil.
  • Final and return filtering options, bag filters, HEPA filters, A1 and A3 absolute filters.



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