CWPA Titanium


CWPA Titanium

Robustness and durability ...

Developed to meet the commercial and industrial markets. 

All TITANIUM models were designed to provide simplicity of installation and maintenance, aligned to elevated Trane product reliability

Product Overview

The Wave FL is the result of a project designed to meet specific needs in a customized manner. The modular design and the large number of available options cater for a wide range of applications, without compromising implementation deadlines.

TRANE presents the WAVE FL line of air handlers, developed to meet the requirements for air quality, durability, safety and comfort of the most demanding markets. All this combined with the simplicity of installation and maintenance.

General Features

  • Models from 02 to 21, with air flow rates that vary from 1,300 to 21,000 m3 / h.
  • Cabinet of modules coil and fan with panels in galvanized steel plate, internally isolated with expanded polyethylene with layer in aluminum.Modular units: preselected by the customer in factory, either vertically or horizontally mounted. Allow various download options. Units are supported by galvanized steel rails with a "U" profile, to facilitate its mounting.
  • Download and mount options cabinets, vertical / vertical or horizontal / horizontal, preset at the factory by the client.
  • TRANE Wavy-3B coil, high efficiency, it is constituted with copper pipes without harvest, mechanically expanded in the aluminum fins, for a perfect contact between fins and tubes.
  • The cooling coils of TITANIUM can operate with ethylene glycol solution for applications in terms of accumulation of ice.
  • Filtration, filter class G4 in fiberglass blanket expanded, disposable (filtration standard). Filtration class F5 pleated as optional, bearing still filter option with double frame, F5 + G4.
  • 04-pole motors, 60 Hz, open housing, degree of IP21 protection (for motors up to 3CV) and IP55 (for motors above 4 CV). It has class B of isolate and class N. It can be offered in 220V, 380V and 440V voltages in 60Hz, always three-phase.
  • Siroco type fans, of forward curved blades, sized to win total static pressures up to 60 mmwc.
  • Painting, the pieces are subjected to a modern process of phosphatization and subsequent painting powder with resin based POLYESTER, which provides Trane heavy duty equipment. After this process the pieces are polymerized in an oven at 200 ° C, providing a coating tough finish.
  • Selection Program, developed and available in the product selection system TRANE officer, TOPSS.


  • Special packaging.
  • Capacitor, for power factor correction.
  • Electric starter board, mounted in thermoplastic box with small dimensions, degree of protection IP52.
  • Mixing box with damper, where you can make the fixings of the external air intake and return air ducts.


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Rental Solutions

Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.