HVAC for Health Care Environments

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Trane Solutions

Scheduled Service Agreements
for healthcare facilities

Gain peace of mind with planned
HVAC maintenance

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Right solution, right on schedule

A more comfortable O.R. in just one weekend

Meeting the varying needs of patients, doctors, and nurses through innovative humidity control.

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The medical center of the future

State-of-the-art control, efficiency & cost savings

An integrated solution helps Carilion keep it cool.

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Optimizing the Healing Environment

Is your physical environment positively contributing to patient outcomes and clinical quality?

At Trane, we have over 50 years of experience helping healthcare customers around the world enhance indoor environments, improve patient outcomes and staff satisfaction, and achieve better financial and operational performance through improved indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity and moisture control, acoustics, and energy efficiency.

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Trane's sustainable HVAC systems and services can help hospitals provide the ultimate healing environment in the most sensitive parts, including the surgical suite, intensive care, pharmacy, and emergency and recovery rooms. We are uniquely positioned as a solutions provider — from designing, building, installing, and maintaining integrated HVAC systems to supplying your hospital with the highest quality IAQ.

Trane is a leader in supplying HVAC products, systems, and services, and we have helped thousands of healthcare clients optimize their healing environments. We offer hospitals flexible financing options, including a performance contracting program to minimize costs; and our rental options can provide the necessary solutions for temporary equipment needs and contingency planning. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you get the right systems, controls, maintenance, and documentation to support your productivity.

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Featured Solutions

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System

Equipping your air handler with a Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) can help reduce biological organisms such as spores, bacteria, and even the tiniest viruses.

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Your building's air may be filtered, but is it really clean?

CDQ™ Desiccant Dehumidification

Trane CDQ wheel breaks the dew point barrier with an innovative new technology for the surgical suites and other hospital areas.

  • 20% – 300% improvement in dehumidification
  • 5°F – 15°F lower dew point
  • 20% – 80% reduction in reheating and cooling energy

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CDQ: Cool. Dry. Quiet. The latest technology in desiccant dehumidification

Healthcare Services

Scheduled Service Agreement
for healthcare facilities

 A scheduled maintenance plan that ensures energy efficient infrastructure systems can improve the environment of care in a hospital while significantly reducing energy costs.

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Gain peace of mind with planned HVAC maintenance

Healthcare Services

Cooling Contingency

Trane offers a variety of services to meet your needs. For example, being prepared for the unexpected is a good management practice in any industry — but in healthcare it is critical. Rental options can provide the necessary solution for temporary equipment needs and contingency planning.

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Protect your buildings against cooling systems failure


Critical Systems Dashboard

To help customers monitor hospital conditions while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, Trane created the Healthcare Critical Systems Dashboard — a customizable graphic interface with our Tracer SC™ Controls System that gives you unprecedented control and visibility over your hospital's IAQ.

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View, monitor, track, trend, and report conditions in all critical areas.

What's Cool in Healthcare?

Going Green While Improving Environment of Care

Hospitals can improve patient care, shrink their carbon footprint and reduce operating with infrastructure improvements.

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Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Predictive maintenance can reduce the life cycle costs of healthcare facilities and improve patient care.

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IAQ critical to effective infection control

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hospital acquired infections cost healthcare consumers and taxpayers $25-$45 billion annually, with 70 percent of cases being preventable. To create a physical environment that supports quality care and positive patient outcomes, mitigating hospital acquired infections is a crucial concern.

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Patient Outcomes

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is critical to the safety and performance of the healthcare environment Infection control, health and comfort for patients and staff, and cost-effective facility operation rely on meeting strict demands for heating and cooling, ventilation, circulation, and filtering of air.

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Staff & Patient Satisfaction

Creating healthy, efficient, and comfortable hospital buildings is part of the solution for raising job satisfaction, lowering turnover, and reducing patient complaints.

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Financial & Operational Performance

The Center for Health Design found 120 independent studies linking infection rates to a hospital's physical condition — including poor indoor air quality (IAQ) — which is directly linked with financial performance.

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