HVAC for Data Center Cooling

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Greater Efficiency, Greater Intelligence

TracerTM XT

Inspired by GE's ecomaginationSM
the Tracer™ XT automation platform
is improving data centers.

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Trane Solutions

Trane Knows
Data Centers

Our experienced sales engineers can help you design end-to-end cooling solutions that are energy-efficient, reliable, and green.

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Rapid Responses & Solutions

Maximizing system uptime

Intelligent, self-diagnosing control and monitoring services deliver efficient, reliable performance

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Bring Your Building Together HVAC for Data Centers


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Tracer™ Building Automation Systems

Tracer Building Automation Systems (BAS) are web-enabled, flexible, and scalable controls platforms that support a variety of open protocols and industry interface standards. Trane BAS solutions provide optimized energy efficiency, and deliver reliable, integrated and sustained HVAC system performance through innovative applications over the life of your data center.

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GE and Ingersoll Rand Launch Intelligent Building Automation Platform for Data Centers

Facility-wide view of energy use to provide true energy management and optimization of usage.

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Cool Topics

Tracer™ XT **new**

How can Tracer™ XT improve data center reliability and efficiency?

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling cuts energy costs. Keep data centers running with less mechanical cooling.

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EarthWise™ Design Approach – HVAC Systems

EarthWise Systems provides documented sustainability of high efficiency and low emissions.

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Energy, Indoor Air Quality and Environment

We develop energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible systems and services, helping you to reduce risk and make the most of your investment.

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Ingersoll Rand Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand is a dedicated global group of leaders focused on energy-efficient innovations and technologies.

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