Load Flexibility

Dynamic energy markets mean you can save big—if you can adapt quickly

Load flexibility strategies from Trane help you buy energy at the best price when you need it

Wind, solar energy and electrification are changing how and when the world uses energy. There are more electric vehicles on the road, zero energy buildings and carbon neutrality programs. All help address energy efficiency and sustainability. But they also pose challenges to the traditional electric grid, which must provide affordable and reliable energy to all users on demand.  That’s a key reason why load flexibility has become so important for commercial and industrial energy management.

Never before have there been so many opportunities to take advantage of market volatility. Electricity markets and utility costs have become more transparent than ever. Establishing load flexibility helps you harness lower energy costs while helping to balance and stabilize the grid. Trane can help you find the right electricity rates and programs. And when we match them with onsite storage and load flexibility, your savings become greater, and automatic. 

Energy storage offers on-site flexibility

Energy storage technology from Trane, such as batteries and thermal energy storage, provide an ever-ready and convenient energy resource. Whether for emergency use, or as part of your ongoing load management strategy, energy storage technology is a growing part of building owners’ playbooks to optimize their energy procurement.

Smart tools for smarter energy management

We live in an increasingly connected – and smarter –  world, giving us unprecedented control and management of our lives on and off the job. Trane’s software-based load management and predictive analytics tools help building owners optimize their energy procurement programs with confidence.

Procurement expertise from certified energy professionals

Effective energy cost management requires constant attention to market dynamics nationwide. We can do that for you. Trane energy experts monitor the market all day, every day.  We’ll keep you informed of the latest market and pricing trends, advise when to buy, use and sell energy and help you plan ahead.

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