light commercial rooftop units

Trane Foundation™ Light Commercial Rooftop Units

Foundation™ Light Commercial

Trane hears you. You want a light-commercial rooftop unit that delivers exceptional reliability and easy installation, is competitively priced and ships quickly. You get that and more with Trane Foundation — part of the Trane unitary portfolio.

A Foundation light-commercial rooftop unit delivers:

Simple design, proven performance - Units are simply designed and solidly built with durable key components that have been tested in the field.

Easy installation - Designed with replacement applications in mind, eliminating adapter curbs in many applications.

Fast shipping - Trane actively manages the manufacturing and inventory of Foundation rooftop units to ensure models are always ready to ship — often the same day an order is placed.

360°™ mobile app - Streamline replacement by quickly identifying needed parts and purchasing them directly from your mobile device. Includes product information, nearest parts location, order history and more.

Expanded portfolio - Now available in 3- to 5-ton units, bringing proven Trane performance to more rooftops than ever.

To learn more about how a Trane Foundation rooftop unit could be right for you, contact your local Trane account manager.