Read how some organizations are applying high performance building principles to achieve mission-critical objectives.

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital

700-bed teaching hospital and Level 1 trauma center

Mission: Provide quality patient care as efficiently as possible

This hospital could not control utility rates, but it realized it could control its energy use. Trane identified and implemented over 25 energy conservation measures (ECMs) to reduce energy use and carbon footprint, lower costs for patients and provide a positive ROI. The ECMs delivered $275,000 in energy cost savings during the first year, and continue to deliver savings today. What's more, CO2 has been reduced by more than 2,200 tons and carbon emissions have declined by nearly 550,000 kg CO2/Kwh.

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ARRIS Group, Inc.

Global communications technology company

Mission: Offer customers consistent, instantaneous access to data

Reliability is critical to ARRIS Group. Within its 3,500 sq. ft. data center, HVAC system reliability is essential to maintain the environment that is required to sustain operations.

The Trane integrated-system service solution has reduced downtime by over 60 percent and service calls by 50 percent. With Trane support, ARRIS is now delivering on its commitment to maintain 99-percent uptime.

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