EarthWise™ Refrigerant Purge Upgrades

EarthWise™ Refrigerant Purge Upgrades

The Trane EarthWise chiller purge is designed to remove air and moisture from any low-pressure chiller while minimizing refrigerant emissions. It consists of its own refrigeration system, air pump out system, self-regenerating carbon tank, LCD human interface, and microelectronic controls. It serves not only as a leak detector but it also improves chiller efficiency, minimizes repairs and extends the life of a chiller. The EarthWise chiller purge is designed to work on any manufacturer’s low-pressure chillers that use CFC-11, CFC-113, and HCFC-123.


  • The auto-regen feature ensures that the purge will operate at peak efficiency throughout its life with less maintenance. Lower costs for service and for refrigerant loss.

  • The most advanced display in the purge market provides smarter reports that are easier to use than ever before.

  • The coldest suction temperature in the market makes this design the most efficient available with the lowest refrigerant emission.

  • Designed specifically for low ambient conditions such as chillers with free cooling or R113.

  • Provides certified performance for R-11, R-123, and R113 in accordance with ARI Standard 580-1996.

  • Operates independent of the chiller and functions as an excellent leak detector.

Your Cost Effective Solution

If you want to save money in maintenance, repairs, operations, and refrigerant, the EarthWise chiller purge may be the solution you need. It is designed to work on any manufacturer’s low-pressure chillers that use CFC-11, CFC-113, and HCFC-123, so you can upgrade your chiller with a Trane EarthWise refrigerant purge and enjoy the best-performing purge in the industry. As always, Trane’s chiller upgrades are backed by in-house design and technical experts who can answer any questions and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. The EarthWise chiller purge is also backed by warranties to show that Trane stands behind its products.

Contact your local Trane sales office to learn how the EarthWise chiller refrigerant purge can help improve your operational efficiency!