CTV Chiller Starter Replacements and Upgrades

CTV Chiller Starter Replacements and Upgrades

A Trane remote mounted chiller starter regulates the current flow to a CenTraVac® chiller motor. It is offered in a variety of configurations to match the building's power supply to the chiller motor requirements. A Trane chiller starter is designed for applications using an existing UCP2™, or for applications where a new UCP2 is being installed.

Because the UCP2 chiller starter interface module and current transformers are installed at the factory, installation time, field required work, and cost are all reduced. With the ability to communicate with UCP2, important diagnostic information such as voltage, kW, and amp draw can be output to UCP2. Trane remote mounted starters are designed for retrofitting existing starters, applications with TriStar ConversionsSM, Engineered Conversions®, and additional BAS installations.


  • A Trane chiller starter reduces mechanical shock and electric power line disturbances resulting in longer equipment life.

  • Because Trane remote mounted starters use silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) only for starting, the starters can handle a higher current rate. This results in increased capacity of the power pole to handle current and a lower cost for the starter.

  • By utilizing arcless switching, Trane starters have a longer contact life. In addition, because of the starter's low power losses, there is less heat generated resulting in a higher SEER rating.