RTHB and RTHC AdaptiView™ Upgrades


RTHB and RTHC AdaptiView™ Upgrades Now Available

Trane Building Services is pleased to announce the launch of RTHB and RTHC AdaptiView controls upgrades.  With the addition of these two models to our existing Series R™ AdaptiView portfolio, we can now offer the latest production controls on any of the RTH* Series R chillers.  According to the Heritage tool, there are over 14,000 RTH* chillers in the North America Region.

Key benefits for your customer include:

  • The latest Trane chiller control algorithms to operate your chiller more effectively and protect all critical components.

  • A full color, touchscreen display with real-time and historical data analysis – see a problem before it becomes a problem with the graphing and trending functionality.

  • Communications options of BACnet, modules RTU, LON, Comm4, or Generic BAS.

  • A control system free from part phase-outs and can be upgraded by the latest Trane software and firmware as it becomes available.

  • A common control platform across all your customer’s chillers – operators only need to learn and understand one control interface.

Actions to take:

  • Use the Heritage tool to identify the chillers in your district. If you need assistance with this, contact Dean Gieseman directly.

  • Download the comprehensive marketing guide and customizable sales presentation from the AdaptiView portal page.

  • Order sales brochures, comparison charts, customizable direct mail from eLibrary.

  • Use Lynx  and Lynx Document Generator to create estimates and proposals for your customer.

  • Contact Service Products Support if you need assistance with pricing or proposal generation.

  • Include AdaptiView controls upgrades with your R’newal proposals.

For more information on these offers, visit the Tracer AdaptiVIew Controls Upgrade site.