Trane Facility Management

A Positive Impact Across Your Entire Business

Trane looks at your facility as a whole. Unlike piecemeal service providers, we understand how each system affects the others, so we can manage the big picture more effectively. As a result, you save money, improve uptime and enjoy a safer, more comfortable environment.

Trane Facility Management can have a positive impact across your entire business, including:

Improved economic performance

  • Reduce operating and capital expenditures
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce number of vendors
  • Increase shareholder value

Improved occupant satisfaction

  • Increase worker/occupant productivity
  • Improve safety

Continuous enhancements through change and obsolescence

  •  Maximize life of assets
  •  Improve equipment and facility performance, uptime and reliability
  • Gain competitive advantage with innovative technologies

Minimized risk and uncertainty

  • Reduce business interruptions
  • Managed by local teams with support from corporate resources
  • Improve control over operating business and assets

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