IntelliPak™ Signature

20 to 110 Tons

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IntelliPak™ Signature
IntelliPak™ Signature 20 to 110 Tons

Product Overview


  • Models SCWF 20-110 tons and SIWF 20 to 80 tons
  • Models SCRF/SIRF with remote condenser model CCRC/CIRC, 20-60 tons 
  • Commercial or industrial models available with protective coatings 
  • Internally trapped drain for low cost installation 
  • Trane 3-D® Scroll Compressors give reliable, efficient, and quiet operation 
  • Unit mounted microprocessor control with easy-to-read human interface panel 
  • Integrated Comfort™ system control for powerful, low cost interface with Tracer Summit® building automation system 
  • Hinged and removable control panel door for easy access 
  • Free cooling with optional waterside economizer on 20-110 units and airside economizer on 20-80 ton units 
  • Two-bolt connection cleanable, water-cooled condenser for quick, easy maintenance 
  • Waterside valve package option to enhance system efficiency 
  • Sight glasses with ports for viewing while unit is running 
  • 2-inch flat filter box inside unit casing on 20-80 ton units 
  • Energy saving with variable frequency drive on 20-80 ton units 
  • Sloped drain pan for indoor air quality 
  • Plenum option available in three different heights 
  • Standard Swing-out VFD panle 
  • Phase monitor standard on all units 
  • Structural base with lifting lugs 
  • 6-row high capacity coil option 
  • 6" filter rack option (accepts 2" pre-filter with 4" filter) 
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE standard 90.1 requirements




Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)