VariTrac™ Dampers

The VariTrac Damper is one major piece of the overall VariTrac and Tracker changeover/bypass zoning system. The damper is a pressure dependent airflow damper that controls a zone in a building. Used in conjunction with the VariTrac Central Control Panel (CCP), the damper helps to give the building individual zone control with a constant volume rooftop unit.

A building with varying loads due to occupancy, time-of-day, or other special needs is a likely candidate for a changeover-bypass VAV system.


  • Rectangular or round zone and bypass dampers.
  • Controls have occupancy sensor or CO2 sensor input available.
  • Communicate with Trane VariTrane™ and VariTrac™ Zone Sensors.
  • 18-gage galvanized cylinder with rolled bend for high structural integrity and corrosive resistance.
  • Positive positioning gear drive with end switches for extended life. No stalled motor operation.
  • No set screws, keys, or linkages to work loose over time.
  • Metal to metal seal provides tight shutoff. No gasketing to deteriorate and come loose over time.
  • 90-degree blade rotation for a wider control range and more stable operation.
  • Intelligent, communicating controller on each zone damper.
  • Aerodynamic blade design provides a constant torque for stable operation at high velocity.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

  • Brochure
      • Changeover Bypass VAV-SLB010-EN
      • Zone Occupancy Sensor VAV-SLB006-EN
      • Digital Zone Sensor VAV-SLB007-EN
      • Zone and Duct CO2 Sensor VAV-SLB008-EN
      • Diffusers VAV-SLB001-EN
      • Light Commercial Integrated Comfort™ System UN-SLB002-EN
  • Catalog
      • Dampers VAV-PRC003*-EN
  • Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)
      • VariTrac™ Damper Installation VAV-SVN04*-EN
      • VariTrac™ CCP Installation VAV-SVN03*-EN
      • UCM 4.2 VAV-SVX01*-EN
      • Digital Zone Sensor VAV-SVN05*-EN
  • Owner Manual
      • VariTrac™ Central Control Panel Operator Guide VAV-SVU01*-EN
  • Programming Guide
      • VV550 LonTalk Controller IOP VAV-SVP01*-EN