As its name suggests, the fan-powered low-height unit has a shorter height dimension to accommodate applications where ceiling space is limited. To reduce the height, shorter terminal unit fans are integrated into the standard height series or parallel terminal unit. The result is a unit with a maximum height of 11.0" to 11.5". The operation of the low-height terminal unit is exactly the same as that of a series or parallel terminal unit, as are the options for high-efficiency ECMs, insulation options, etc. As with the other fan-powered terminal units, additional local heating can be provided by remote heat or terminal reheat.


  • Low profile for applications where space is limited.
  • Interlocking panel design provides the most rugged VAV unit available.
  • Metal encapsulated edges limit fiberglass insulation erosion into the airstream.
  • Electric or hot water heating coils.
  • Pneumatic, electronic, or digital controls available.
  • Single-point power connection reduces installed cost.
  • Full factory-run test on each unit.
  • Digital controls allow Tracer™ building management system interface for Integrated Comfort™ systems capability.
  • Compatible with most direct digital controllers for field or factory installation.
  • Wide range of fan airflows available from single speed motor with speed control.
  • Cooling only (LPCF), hot water reheat (LPWF), or electric reheat (LPEF) units available.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.