Dual Duct

Dual-duct terminal units are used in a special type of air distribution system where the main system has both warm air and cold air separately ducted to each terminal unit. The flow of both warm air and cool air is modulated, delivering air to the VAV zone at variable air volumes as well as variable temperatures. Since full capacity occupied heating is always available, control of additional local heat is not provided.


  • Interlocking panel design provides the most rugged VAV unit available.
  • Metal encapsulated edges limit fiberglass insulation erosion into the airstream.
  • Averaging flow ring sensor accurately measures airflow at any inlet duct condition.
  • Pneumatic, electronic, or digital controls available.
  • Compatible with most controllers for field or factory installation.
  • Digital controls allow Tracer™ building management system interface for Integrated Comfort™ systems (ICS) capability.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.