Horizontal Classroom
Unit Ventilator


  • Available with controls.
  • Sound engineered for modern classroom requirements.
  • Accurate sound power data permits designer to predict installed noise levels. Unit capacities are based on standard wind tunnel tests.
  • Proven coils with rugged, tamperproof casing designed for institutional duty.
  • Water, steam, electric and direct expansion coils interchangeable on installed units.
  • Standard horizontal unit is 16-5/8 inches high and 35-5/8 inches deep.
  • PSC motor and multiple tap auto transformer to ensure rated cfm with all coils.

A Classroom Choice in HVAC Classroom, a unit ventilator has been the cost effective way to heat and cool schools for over half a century. Many schools choose a classroom unit ventilator because of their ability to heat, cool and ventilate, as well as their durable cabinet design and small foot print.

Because the unit ventilator is a single-space system, one unit installed in the classroom handles only that room's airflow, thus minimizing the potential for cross contamination between classrooms. The ceiling-hung, ducted, horizontal unit ventilator may provide benefits in sound sensitive applications. The horizontal equipment can be located above the ceiling and away from direct contact with students. They may also be located in a corridor or mezzanine, then ducted into the classroom.

Properly designed supply- and return-air ducts can help attenuate HVAC equipment and air noise. Locating the units outside of the classroom can also improve access and serviceability of the equipment. Trane unit ventilators are ETL listed, and ARI-840 certified insuring peek performance to meet today’s classroom habitat.

Paint Color Chips

A color chart for paint selections for the unit ventilator, console, and vertical stack heat pump products are shown below. All cabinet parts are cleaned, phosphatized, and painted with a baked powder finish in one of the following decorator colors. Colors options vary for each product. Please see catalog selections for specific color options.

Note: Colors are a representation only.


Cameo White


Driftwood Grey


Soft Dove


Stone Grey


Deluxe Beige

  • Nominal Capacities
      Unit Size CFM Sensible Cooling MBH Total Cooling MBH
      075 750 19.3 27.7
      100 1,000 26.3 37.6
      125 1,250 31.8 46.0
      150 1,500 37.3 51.8
      200 2,000 47.7 68.2

      Note: For 80°F dry bulb/67°F wet bulb mixture air condition, 45°F EWT, 10°F WTR