ProSpace™ 4TVM Convertible Air Handlers

ProSpace 4TVM Convertible Air Handlers

Trane® ProSpace™ 4TVM Convertible Air Handlers offer multi-pose installation flexibility, making them the ideal AHU solution for any building space with a ductless system. This convertible air handler delivers the precise capacity to match load requirements for spaces that include apartments, condos, vertical high rises and hotel rooms.

  • Convertible from horizontal left to horizontal right, it can be installed on its side and requires zero clearance for ultimate installation flexibility.
  • With the smallest footprint in the industry, it can even be installed in a standard closet.
  • Each unit is factory assembled, wired and run tested to ensure reliable performance.
  • 2,000-step modulating expansion maintains the right amount of refrigerant flow for precise control at any space and load requirement.