Helical Rotary Chiller
Model RTHD

125 to 450 Tons (50 and 60 Hz)

Dependable, versatile, high-efficiency cooling.

Trane® Optimus™ chillers deliver value to a wide variety of applications with enhanced energy-efficiency options and low maintenance requirements that can significantly reduce operating costs.

Why Trane Optimus chillers?

•  Exceptional performance. Up to 39 percent better energy efficiency than industry standards require, even surpassing similarly sized competing centrifugal chillers.

•  Reliable cooling. A semi-hermetic design, excellent compressor lift and continuous unloading help ensure dependable performance for high-demand applications.

•  A wide range of cooling capacities. 150 to 430 ton range to support buildings and applications of various sizes and needs.

•  Precise chilled water temperature control. Variance as tight as 0.5°F (0.3°C) is perfect for critical industrial functions and low-temperature process cooling.

•  Support for advanced and specialized applications. Ice-producing and heat-recovery capabilities support thermal storage applications, water heating and more.

•  Easier installations. Fits through standard double doors — bolt-together construction allows easy disassembly to fit through even smaller passages.

Learn more about how Trane Optimus chillers are refreshingly different — and can add enduring value to your next project. Contact your Trane account manager today.

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