myTest™ Performance Validation What you spec is what you get

Trane leads the industry with its myTest water-cooled chiller performance validation program.  Experience it at our chiller manufacturing and testing facility which is capable of evaluating the performance of Trane® CenTraVac™ chillers—and virtually any other water-cooled chiller—based on customer-defined parameters.

Before the chiller leaves the factory, myTest™ certification validates its performance by simulating the conditions at which it should operate once installed.

  • Advanced capabilities: Specialized tests such as rapid restart, variable primary flow, unloading capabilities, and others, based on a building’s unique operating conditions, demonstrate the chiller’s ability to reliably serve the customer’s facility.
  • Accuracy and proof: Over 15 pre-packaged chiller tests plus additional proof of performance options provide assurance that the chiller meets the efficiency and application requirements.
  • Unmatched flexibility: The ability to test multiple chillers in parallel or series counterflow configurations provides the flexibility to simulate most application requirements.

For more information about Trane myTest capabilities, contact your local Trane office.