Duplex™ CenTraVac™ Chiller 1,500 to 4,000 Tons

Designed for large capacity applications such as campuses, district cooling plants and industrial processes, the Trane Duplex chiller builds on the highly successful EarthWise™ CenTraVac chiller by using the same design principles that have been proven for more than 75 years.

The Duplex chiller consists of two separate compressors with independent refrigerant circuits in a series counterflow arrangement which reduces the chiller power consumption by reducing the lift on the chiller. This design philosophy also delivers a degree of redundancy and results in a reduced starting inrush current compared to that of a single compressor chiller.

Benefits of a Duplex Chiller:

  •  Industry’s highest efficiencies in large tonnage applications

  • Superior part load efficiencies using Adaptive Frequency™ drives to leverage low lift conditions

  • Reduced footprint with unit mounted starter and Adaptive Frequency drive options

  •  Low pumping costs from single pass design

  • Chiller performance verification through AHRI-certified factory testing

  • Additional system energy saving options including thermal storage and partial heat recovery

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

If you are interested in CAD template drawings for Trane centrifugal chillers contact your local Trane sales office and work with a sales representative. Fully configured 3D CAD template drawings of Trane centrifugal chillers are available in AutoCAD dwg, dxf, or Revit file format. Fully configured drawings include application specific waterboxes and starters. Your sales representative can help you obtain the right unit selection and CAD file for your Trane centrifugal chillers.