Performance Air Handlers

Our family of Performance Climate Changer air handlers include a custom air handler that offers numerous construction materials, component and control options. They are designed for a wide range of airflow and pressure requirements, stringent acoustical requirements, and unlimited unit configurations-ideal for spaces with impediments or tight space constraints - making it readily adaptable for the retrofit and replacement market.

Trane engineers work closely with you to understand and meet your specifications, schedule, and budget. Trane can make recommendations on your performance climate changer selection based on pre-tested performance data gathered in our labs, positioning you to make a more informed decision. Trane validated performance climate changer is available for many options, including:

  • Trane coils with a unique, high-efficiency fin design, optimizing the coil to the nearest fin-per-foot, and with the best moisture carryover limits in the industry
  • Traq™ airflow monitoring stations
  • Trane energy recovery wheels
  • Unit sound data
  • Trane CDQ™ (Cool, Dry, Quiet) desiccant dehumidification that uses less energy than comparable systems and breaks the dew-point barrier using standard equipment


  • 1500 to 200,000+ cfm
  • -12.0 to +12.0 inches w.g.
  • Air leakage rates between 1/2 and 1 percent
  • Thermal performance with R-values up to 25
  • Complete piping packages
  • AHRI Standard 410certified Trane coil performance
  • Ultra-quiet units
  • AHRI Standard 1060-certified Trane energy wheel performance
  • Factory-designed and installed control packages

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.