Direct Fired Make-Up Air

The Trane direct fired outdoor heating units are designed for relieving negative pressure conditions inside industrial and commercial facilities. With their packaged, curb mounted design, these direct fired units offer a full support system that provides a plenum for return air and easily accessible piping and electrical connections.

The Trane direct fired indoor make-up air heaters are intended specifically for indoor installation in an industrial or commercial setting for outside air supply. Their modular design provides “mix and match” flexibility that can be used to customize these heaters for virtually any indoor application.


  • Nominal airflow 1,600–64,000 cfm.
  • Gas input 275–7,975 MBh.
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations with either horizontal, top or down flow discharge.
  • Suitable for floor mount or ceiling suspension.
  • Completely piped, wired, waterproofed and factory-tested.
  • Unit Physical Data (Approximate)
      Unit Size Burner Range (MBh) Airflow Range (cfm)
      109 275–550 1,600–3,000
      112 275–825 3,250–4,250
      115 550–990 4,500–6,000
      118 550–1,375 6,500–8,500
      215 825–1,925 9,000–12,000
      218 1,100–2,475 12,500–17,000
      220 1,650–3,850 18,000–26,000
      222 2,200–4,400 25,000–31,000
      225 2,475–6,600 30,000–46,000
      230 3,850–7,975 44,000–64,000
      Note: Data shown above applies to basic unit; addition of accessories will extend unit length and increase its weight. Contact your local Trane representative for details.