Tracer Summit™ System Operations

Course Benefits:

Tracer Summit™ System Operations teaches owners, operators, and Trane technicians to operate and modify an installed Tracer Summit system. Through presentations and hands-on workshops you will learn and exercise common applications of a Tracer Summit building management system.

Specific Course Objectives:

  • Monitor and control building mechanical systems
  • Respond to alarm conditions
  • Create custom alarms and expanded messages
  • Create and modify schedules
  • Modify existing graphics
  • Generate reports and trends
  • Monitor chiller plant control (CPC)
  • Learn how time-of-day (TOD), area, and variable air systems (VAS) work together

Target Audience:

Tracer Summit Systems Operations is intended for Trane service technicians, Tracer Summit systems owners, building engineers and operators.


Tracer Summit Systems Operations is an operations-level class. Students should be familiar with personal computers and the Windows operating system. Previous on-site use of Tracer Summit is preferred.

Student Testimonials:

  • "I got exactly what I needed to get out of this class, plus more – for having no experience with the system prior to class, I now feel comfortable being able to work with the system and take care of problems that may occur."
  • "[They were] teaching someone who had no clue; I am now so interested and eager to learn more."
  • "There was a nice combination of theory and hands-on content; the instructors kept the course interesting … and the content was very useful information to use in the field."

Continuing Education Units: Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of achievement and earn 2.6 CEUs according to criteria set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (Washington, DC). To successfully complete this course, the student is required to attend all class sessions, complete the workshops and quizzes throughout the course, and turn in an evaluation.