Building Systems & Controls

Building System and Controls training offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical courses to help you effectively monitor and coordinate your HVAC equipment and systems using your Trane building automation system.

For course dates and objectives, outlines and enrollment information, refer to the Class Finder webpage or click here to download a course catalog.

Courses are designed by professional instructors in partnership with industry experts, product engineers, technical support engineers, and product development teams. Using proven best practices gained through decades of building controls experience, we provide practical, results-oriented training tailored to your job.


To register for a class, click on "Class Finder" on the right side, under "Registration Links." Look for courses noted by *Factory Training. You can also click on the course titles below to view a description of each course we offer.

10% Discount for Early Enrollment! 
Enrollments received a minimum of 60 days prior to the class start date will receive a 10 percent reduction of the full tuition amount.

Federal Government Students Only: Orders for training classes by Federal Government employees should be made out to our Federal Government reseller, Immix/EC America, Inc. and paid for by a credit card. Purchase orders will only be accepted for amounts greater than $5000. Credit card statements for training will list Immix/EC America as the payee.



Customer E-Learning Modules

Check below for a list of available online training modules. To register, click on any title listed below, create an account for Trane Education Center and then click 'Browse Catalog' to see the available offerings. 

Available E-Learning Courses:


Hotel and Travel Information

Once the course reaches the minimum number of students, the learner and anyone’s email listed as an alternative contact on their profile will be sent a confirmation email that will include a link to a website with BCD Travel’s contact information, and our hotel recommendations. Please contact BCD Travel directly (1.866.598.3938) with questions regarding hotel and travel reservations.  Note: We strongly recommend that you don’t book travel until you receive this confirmation email.

For the St. Paul, MN training site only, if you stay at our preferred hotel, you’ll receive a discounted rate and transportation to and from class, evenings out and back to the airport.

If you have further questions about this, email


International Registration

Do you live outside the U.S. and plan to attend one of our courses? 

The technical seminars offered by the Controls Training Center are fast paced and conducted in English. Therefore, to receive the full benefit from the training, it is essential that the student speak, read, and understand spoken English competently, including technical terms.

Customers located outside the U.S. must enroll through the Trane office in their region. This is important so that we have proper accommodations for our course attendees and so that the customer is always able to contact the student quickly in an emergency situation.


Select the Trane office in your area for contact information.

For more information, contact us at:
Toll free in the U.S.: 855-803-3563
International: (+1) 651-407-4022


“Trane University has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).”