CoolSense Integrated Outdoor Air

CoolSense™ Integrated Outdoor Air

The Trane® CoolSense™ Integrated Outdoor Air System combines a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with chilled-water, sensible-cooling terminal units to deliver a flexible, energy efficient solution to provide comfortable spaces and simplify maintenance.

Flexible Design. The dedicated OA unit and its associated ductwork are typically sized for only the minimum ventilation airflow required, in turn requiring less ceiling plenum height and allowing for more usable space inside the building. Reconfiguring a zone often requires moving only the downstream flex duct and supply-air diffusers; the sensible-cooling terminal units and water piping often do not need to move. And, the sensible-cooling terminal units can be equipped with either a hot-water coil or electric heater, if necessary.

Efficient Operation. CoolSense integrates variable-speed fan control in both the terminal units and dedicated OA unit to minimize fan energy. Decoupling dehumidification from zone sensible cooling allows for higher efficiency cooling with warmer chilled water. A flow-measuring damper maintains the outdoor airflow required in each zone at any given time. Plus, demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) sequences (using either a CO2 sensor or occupancy sensor) are pre-engineered into the factory-mounted unit controller. All of these features lead to efficient operation.

Comfortable Spaces. Each terminal unit is controlled by a zone temperature sensor, and contains its own cooling coil and (optionally) either a hot-water coil or electric heater, allowing each zone to receive cooling or heating as needed. Dehumidification is provided by the centralized, dedicated OA unit; and, when equipped with a humidity sensor, the terminal unit actively adjusts dehumidified airflow from the dedicated OA unit to limit space humidity, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Low Maintenance. No condensation occurs at the zone-level terminal units, meaning no drain pans to clean and no condensate drain traps and piping to install and maintain. And, since the cooling coil in each terminal unit operates dry, an optional upstream filter is available, but not required.

CoolSense™ Integrated Outdoor Air System Components:

Chilled-water, sensible-cooling terminal units: individual zone control of cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation; variable-speed fan control; accurate airflow measurement; factory-mounted Tracer™UC400 controller (wired or wireless) with pre-packaged control sequences, including demand-controlled ventilation and condensate avoidance. Product details

Chilled-water dedicated OA units: indoor or outdoor models; options for exhaust-air energy recovery and CDQ™ desiccant dehumidification wheel; factory-mounted Tracer™ UC600 controller. Product details

Packaged DX dedicated OA units: air-cooled or water-cooled models; optional total-energy wheel; factory-mounted Tracer™ UC600 controller. Product details

Dual-temperature chiller plants: single- or multiple-chiller configurations; air-cooled or water-cooled condensing; options for energy storage, waterside economizing (free cooling), and waterside heat recovery; factory-mounted chiller controllers and Tracer™ SC chiller plant control application. Product details

Tracer™ SC system controller: standard, flexible, pre-packaged applications and optimized control sequences; easy-to-use, mobile interface; wired or wireless. Product details

Zone sensors: wired or wireless; options for digital display, setpoint override, or occupancy override; four-function sensor (temperature, humidity, CO2, and occupancy). Product details