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Using TRACE Repair

You will learn how to:

  • Handle common errors, and know why they occur
  • Restore TRACE's use of Windows controls
  • Identify the current install status
  • Create a data collection report for C.D.S. for troubleshooting purposes

TRACE Repair Quick Reference Guide [PDF]

Modeling Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems in TRACE™ 700


You will learn:

  • Three things to consider when modeling DOAS in TRACE 700
  • How to set up various DOAS in TRACE
  • How to implement energy recovery devices with DOAS in TRACE


TRACE™ 700 Utilization Schedules



TRACE Utilization Schedules

You will learn:

  • How to create and apply utilization schedules
  • How day types are used in TRACE calculations
  • Where schedules fit in your energy model and how they affect your results
  • The impact of using conservative utilization schedules versus less conservative schedules


TRACE 700 LEED Guide

C.D.S. marketing engineer Charlie Jelen demonstrates how to model for LEED® v3 using the new LEED Guide and Baseline Building Creator.



This video walks users through two new features in the latest version of TRACE™700: LEED® Guide and Baseline Building Creator.