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Trane® Air-Fi™ wireless communication is a reliable, flexible solution that frees you from the hassles associated with wired components for your building controls system.

  • Reliable and stable signal throughout your building with a typical 200-foot indoor signal range and up to four times the number of potential paths
  • Prevent communication loss and automatically reroute disrupted signals, thanks to self-repairing mesh technology
  • Save time and money spent replacing batteries  with a lifetime battery
  • No need to run wires in your facility, which reduces installation time and costs in new construction
  • Easier, faster, higher-quality installation, because the system is addressed, tested and programmed at the factory
  • Maximum flexibility for the future to easily integrate devices and reconfigure spaces as technology and building needs evolve

Trane® Sintesis™ air-cooled chillers, part of Ingersoll Rand EcoWise™ portfolio of products offers a solution for efficiency, quiet operation and sustainability — all with lower first costs and legendary Trane reliability.

  • Over 25 percent higher part-load efficiency than required by ASHRAE 90.1–2013.
  • Offers the choice of either R-134a or R-513A,a next-generation low global warming potential refrigerant.
  • Multiple sound-reduction options
  • An ideal choice for ice-enhanced chiller plants

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Mobile TOPSS™ is a cutting-edge product information delivery system designed to provide what you need, wherever you need it.  It is a cloud based, interactive website application with a mobile device friendly user interface.

  • Latest Information – the product database is constantly updated with the latest information, including product updates and new product rollouts with no need to download updates
  • Streamlined experience - provides all the critical product information you’re used to, but with an efficient, intuitive new system.

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