Renewable Energy & Power Solutions

If you’re looking to go a step further and achieve energy independence, we can advise and assist you in transitioning your current grid system to an autonomous one.

Energy is a driving factor behind many of your decisions. Your business must use resources more efficiently, reduce costs, and be socially responsible. Renewable energy and distributed energy resources (DERs) can help you achieve those goals.

As an energy services company developing renewable energy solutions to serve your needs, Trane® considers many factors including use scenarios, current utility rates, local legislation and incentive programs, geography and, ultimately, making sure it integrates seamlessly with your overall energy plan.

Trane has deep expertise in a wide range of distributed energy resource technologies, including cogeneration, solar/photovoltaic, energy storage systems, thermal energy storage systems, thermal storage tanks, fuel cells, geothermal heat pumps, biomass, biogas and wind power.

Gain operational savings — sometimes you can save money by establishing an on-site renewable technology. Other times, purchasing renewable energy may be a better choice. Additional savings may come by reducing demand charges, leveraging energy storage to shift the timing of the building’s electrical load. With the Trane holistic approach, we will help you maximize the savings with a balanced plan that supports your needs.

Improve energy resiliency during grid disruptions — as natural events, aging infrastructure and disruptions are testing the reliability of the traditional power grid, energy resiliency is a growing concern. Integrating distributed energy resources and energy storage solutions into your energy strategy improves your ability to keep operations running…and takes you a step closer to energy independence.

Achieve sustainability goals — sustainable energy sources generally have low environmental impact. They are widely available, and naturally replenished. We can design the renewable energy solution that lowers the environmental footprint of your operation while complementing your overall energy strategy.

Access financial benefits — renewable energy generation solutions can bring significant financial benefits to a building project by leveraging tax equity investment. Tax equity investment allows an owner with little to no tax burden to leverage the benefits of federal programs, such as the Invest Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation. Additionally, projects may be structured in a third-party ownership approach. We’ll help you explore which options are best suited and most beneficial to you.

Discover what’s possible in renewable energy and power solutions with Trane. We’re leading the way to more sustainable energy, taking a holistic approach by incorporating over 100 years of building and energy experience, cutting edge technology…and deep engineering expertise.  Let’s start your renewable energy project.