Energy Market Intelligence

Energy Market Intelligence keeps you current on important energy developments.

You don’t have to be an energy expert, when you enlist the help of Trane Energy Supply Services. That’s our job.

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Energy Market Intelligence
Energy Market Intelligence


You don’t have to be an energy expert, when you enlist the help of Trane Energy Supply Services. That’s our job. But we still want you to have all the resources you need to gain a deeper understanding of the current energy market — and what’s ahead. Timely publications, webinars and seminars offer insights that can help you keep abreast of the market as together we maximize your current and future energy spend.

Regulatory & Legislative Monitoring utilizes the Regulatory Update for timely analysis of key regulatory and legislative developments that effect the price and reliability of energy. This information provides you with advanced knowledge of conditions that may affect your energy use and supply so that you can plan accordingly.

Energy Price Forecasting & Commentary leverages our comprehensive, ongoing participation in the energy marketplace and enables us to see market trends and quantify price risks. This future-forward view provides the ability to more accurately plan your energy use for maximum cost savings. 

Daily Market Price Reports provide the most up-to-date information on market settlement prices or closing values by contract month and for specific periods of time (winter, summer, annual averages). Having the most current price information better positions you to react quickly when the markets are favorable.

Daily Power Pricing Reports provide you with timely information you can use to better understand potential electricity prices for next month or next year, as well as reveal what’s being traded on the exchanges. These market insights help you make better use of your energy dollars. 

Weekly & Monthly Market Publications help you keep current on the market with timely publications that provide data and discussion surrounding electricity and natural gas market fundamentals. Growing your energy knowledge puts you in a better position to meet your energy needs as cost-effectively as possible.

Webinars & Seminars enhance energy programs for companies, institutions and utilities across North America.  Our webinars and seminars cover timely overviews, regional outlooks and in-depth analysis of energy topics.