Trane Variable Refrigerant Flow

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The Trane® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) portfolio features a comprehensive line of outdoor units and indoor units that offer a wide range of capacities, configurations and a control platform that ties everything together. The Trane VRF portfolio has the flexibility to meet application requirements of most building types.

Trane VRF systems move heated or cooled refrigerant through the interior of a building using small diameter pipes. The refrigerant passes through the coils in each room that is part of the system. Fans or blowers move air past the heated or cooled coils, thus warming or cooling the room.

These systems are ideal for

  • Historic buildings without duct work
  • Flexible occupancy buildings (schools, churches, arenas)
  • New construction that will be finished by tenants

Portfolio Features Include 

  • Outdoor Units 
  • Mini Outdoor Units
  • Cassette Indoor Units
  • Concealed Indoor Units 
  • High Wall & Floor Ceiling Units
  • Individual Zone Controls 
  • Centralized Controls 
  • System Controls Integrated Building Controls



Take advantage of the opportunity to see first-hand how a Trane VRF system works. Our local training center, located in Pine Brook, New Jersey, is state-of-the-art and can demonstrate all the latest VRF technologies. It’s designed for engineers, contractors or building owners. Your experience will start with a live, inside look at the superior design and installation. Then get a unique chance to witness a completely operational system in an educational environment.

During your visit to the training center you will

  • Experience the VRF design process first hand
  • See best-practices for piping design and safety standards
  • Get to view the entire installation from virtually any angle
  • Meet with Trane experts and have one-on-one access for questions and answers
  • Learn about various control options that illustrate system ease of use and comfort control

Training center equipment at a glance

  • 6-ton and 8-ton outdoor units
  • Cassette units: 4-way cassette, mini 4-way cassette, 1-way cassette
  • High wall unit
  • Surface mounted ceiling/floor unit
  • 3 types of ducted units
  • Several mode control units (6 port, 4 port, and 2 port dedicated)

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